Become a Food Ambassador !

Cuisinez-vous le français ?


Or how to mix learning with fun

New e-learning tool “Cuisinez-vous le français ?” is a fun programme to learn French with excitement and a love of food. Each week, we release a new culinary episode which provides the tools to improve your French language skills. “Cuisinez-vous le français ?” uses all the ingredients to stimulate pleasure….for learning!

What is it?

“Cuisinez-vous le français ?” is an e-learning programme where you learn French whilst cooking! Each week, a chef, accompanied by an French language tutor from Châteaux des langues, takes to the stove in order to share their best seasonal recipes . What we do is combine a new grammar point with each new recipe in order to simplify the more challenging linguistic concepts through practical simulations.

How it works?

Subscription to the programme ” Cuisinez-vous le français ? ” costs 52 euros per year and grants access every week  to a brand new episode. The episode can be viewed in 3 different speeds ( slow, normal ,fast) accompanied by subtitles and a permanent dictionary. These tools have been developed in order to help pronunciation, repetition and comprehension….A tasty mix of theory and practise, essential for the acquisition of a foreign language !

Ambassador’s utensils

Discover your own ambassador area from where you can manage your subscriptions:

By connecting to your personal space on, you will have access to your own Ambassador space where you can:

Register  “big accounts”  (businesses, schools, language institutions): you just have to fill in the required sections.

Track the enrolment of private individuals: you cannot register an individual to “Cuisinez-vous le français ?” but you can receive commission. For this to happen, the individual must identify you thanks to your own ambassador code when they subscribe.

    • thankyouambassador : no reduction
    • 2 tasty months :  two months free of charge
    • 3 tasty months :  three months free of charge

Attention: It is necessary to enter one of the three codes in order to link the sale to an ambassador in order for you to receive your commission.